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At Wallace Park, dogs are happily unaware of anything other than playing with new friends like Olly the sheep dog. Olly is easygoing and goofy, and loves to snuggle.

However, amidst the fun, her owner Scott Balman is concerned about a mysterious respiratory illness that has been affecting many dogs lately. The illness can strike rapidly and has resulted in numerous fatalities. According to Dr. Sarah Tabber, a staff veterinarian at Dove Lewis, they have not been able to identify a single cause for the sickness.

Cases of this mystery illness reached a peak over the summer, but it is still spreading. Dr. Tabber advises dog owners to closely monitor their pets and look for signs such as lethargy, eye and nose discharge, coughing, and labored breathing.

If any of these symptoms appear, it is important to contact a veterinarian right away. In severe cases, dogs have been hospitalized and died within a few days. Dr. Tabber also mentions that some dogs show milder symptoms that persist for weeks and do not respond well to antibiotics.

Researchers are currently gathering information to better understand this respiratory disease. Older or younger dogs, as well as those with preexisting conditions, are at higher risk. Dr.

Tabber suggests that these dogs may benefit from avoiding large groups of dogs. Sam Grimes, for example, brought only one of her dogs to the park due to concerns over the illness affecting her 14-year-old dog with breathing issues. If your dog is displaying symptoms, it is recommended to keep them in the car when visiting the vet to ensure proper isolation.

However, there is no evidence that this illness can be transmitted to or from humans, so there is no need to isolate from your dog if they are sick..

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