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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Micah, we have a disturbing story to report. Nearly 200 decaying corpses were found at a funeral home in Colorado.

The couple responsible for this was located and arrested in Oklahoma. Kaylee Olivas from News Four has been following this case. Kaylee, what can you tell us? Jolene, the investigation into the pair began a month ago when reports of a foul odor were reported at the funeral home owned by Jon and Kari Hall. Behind closed doors, it was discovered that 190 bodies were improperly stored.

This is truly shocking and tragic. The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado has been investigating Kerry Holford since October 4th when reports of strange odors circulated at the funeral home. During a search of their property in Colorado Springs, officials found 190 decaying bodies in a run-down building known as the Return to Nature Funeral Home. So far, 110 individuals have been positively identified, and efforts are underway to identify the remaining 80 through dental records, fingerprints, and medical hardware. DNA testing will also be conducted.

At least 137 families across the United States have been contacted, and 25 bodies have been returned to their loved ones. The victims and their families have not been forgotten, and our hearts go out to them during this painful time. We are here to support them and will continue to do so. Breaking developments on Wednesday morning revealed that the couple has been found and arrested in Oklahoma. They are now in custody at the Muskogee County Jail.

The Holfords face four felonies, including money laundering, theft, forgery, and abuse of a corpse. Various agencies, including the FBI division in Oklahoma City, were involved in tracking them down.

Fortunately, the arrest went smoothly. Today’s news marks a significant step towards obtaining the justice that these families deserve..

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