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Mystery continues to surround Beau Mann’s death, 1 year after Uber disappearance

Nearly a year and a half after Beau Mann, the founder of a digital health company, went missing from his Uber ride in November 2021, authorities located his remains in a courtyard area near an abandoned building in Santa Monica.

The discovery of his body brings an end to the long-standing mystery that has left his family and investigators puzzled.

The Santa Monica Police and the county coroner are now investigating the circumstances surrounding Mann’s death.

While the body has been positively identified, the cause of death and whether a crime was committed remain unknown.

The skeletal remains were found two weeks ago in the courtyard of an abandoned building on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Beau Mann’s mother, Amy, who resides in Texas, is desperate to know what happened to her son.

According to the police, he was last seen in November 2021 getting into an Uber at a studio city, en route to a location on Berkeley Street in Santa Monica.

However, the details of a 911 call made during that time remain undisclosed, leaving unanswered questions about the events leading up to Mann’s disappearance.

Despite extensive publicity, including social media coverage, there have been no significant breakthroughs in the investigation.

A private investigator hired by the family suggested that an overdose may have been the cause of Mann’s death.

However, how his body ended up in the courtyard remains a mystery.

Beau Mann was known for his hard work and dedication.

He struggled with drug addiction and had gone to rehab, which inspired him to create the Sober Grid app, aimed at connecting and assisting individuals facing similar issues.

His mother remembers him as a kind, loving, and giving person, passionate about helping others.

As the investigation into Beau Mann’s death continues, there is no set timetable for when the coroner will determine the exact circumstances surrounding his passing.

The community remains hopeful that the unanswered questions will be resolved, bringing closure to Mann’s family and loved ones.

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