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In West Bengal, the Muslim community finds themselves caught in the BJP’s trap.

Many Muslims who previously supported the Trinamool Congress, led by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, are now turning their backs on her.

This shift in loyalty has caused some to wonder why the Muslim community is distancing themselves from Banerjee.

According to political analysts, the BJP has been successful in their efforts to reach out to the Muslim community by promising to address their concerns, such as employment and security.

This outreach has caused some Muslims to view the BJP as a viable alternative to the Trinamool Congress, which they see as having failed to deliver on their promises.

In addition, the BJP’s campaign strategy has been focused on creating divisions within the Muslim community by appealing to the interests of certain sub-groups.

This has caused some Muslims to feel left out and marginalized by the Trinamool Congress, further fueling their shift in loyalty.

Despite this shift, Banerjee remains a popular figure in West Bengal politics, with many still supporting her and the Trinamool Congress.

However, the BJP’s increasing influence in the state could lead to a major shift in the region’s political landscape.

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