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Murray Resident Urges Council to Reconsider Proposed Power Rate Increase

Residents in Murray, Utah who haven’t seen a power price hike since 2011 may soon see an increase in their power bill.

According to city leaders, they’ve spent several million dollars more than they budgeted for power this year and a rate increase is necessary to maintain a healthy power reserve.

However, Clark Bolin, a Murray resident, believes that a permanent rate increase may not be needed.

He attended a council meeting to voice his concerns ahead of a vote on the matter in the coming weeks.

Bolin suggests a flexible increase each month to deal with the actual gap instead of a permanent rate increase.

He is concerned about a possible 9% power rate increase that the city council will vote on soon.

Bolin agrees that something needs to be done, but he strongly disagrees with such a high rate hike.

He would be happy if the council looked at it again and considered a 1-3% increase instead and also guaranteed a 0.5-1% increase every year.

City leaders face several issues when it comes to keeping the lights and heat on in the western region.

The cost for power resources has increased dramatically.

The recommended rate increase would cost the average residential customer less than five bucks a month.

According to Doug Hill, the spokesman with the mayor’s office, they’ve already implemented a temporary rate increase, but it’s not been enough.

They’ve spent over seven million dollars in the last three months just to cover their costs, and they need to do more of a permanent rate increase.

Murray’s decision on this issue is expected to be made in terms of a vote in the next 30 to 45 days.

It’s important to note that Provo has Provo power, which controls rates or sets them similar to the way Murray does things now.

Rocky Mountain Power, which controls rates in Ogden, has not increased rates this year.

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