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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Here in downtown, I’m Erin Myers and I will send it back to the studio. Aaron, thank you.

Now, there is a potential murder mystery in Tarzana where the police are still searching for a missing woman and her parents. The woman’s husband was recently arrested after officers discovered a dismembered female torso near a dumpster earlier this week. KTLA’s Carlos Herrera is live near the couple’s home in Tarzana with the latest updates. Today, investigators found a lot of evidence inside the house and the garage.

The main questions remain: Is May’s husband responsible for the deaths of her parents and her? These questions remain unanswered. We are getting more information from the neighbors about who the primary suspect in this shocking case really is.

He was not very friendly and seemed resentful. He consistently showed signs of anger and was never going to stop drinking. He was not well-liked.

This is 35-year-old Samuel Haskell the 4th. Several social media postings show him rambling about various topics, including feeling disrespectful, bitter, and expressing disappointment over burnt steak. Haskell, the son of a former high-powered Hollywood talent agent, is now at the center of a bizarre murder mystery.

Haskell lived in a six-bedroom home in Tarzana with his wife, in-laws, and three sons until his wife and her parents disappeared. Haskell is now suspected of killing his wife after a woman’s torso was found in a dumpster, a little over six miles away from their home. Investigators believe the body parts belong to May and have surveillance video from the dumpster location that led them to her husband. This morning, when we were outside the Tarzana home, someone approached the front door.

It was a violin teacher for one of the three sons. When I told her about the story, she was at a loss for words.

She couldn’t believe that this could happen to a family that seemed so normal. She had no idea.

The last time she saw them was on Saturday, when she taught the son. It was just a normal interaction.

It is wild to think that someone’s family, who seemed so normal, could be a part of something like this. Once again, thank you for your time. The reaction is similar to those of the neighbors in this area.

Sam Haskell the 4th is still behind bars this morning and is being held without bail..

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