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Multiple Victims Reported After Shooting at Texas Mall

In a developing story, an active shooter situation unfolded on Saturday afternoon at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas.

The Sheriff’s office has confirmed that there are multiple victims, including children, and the shooter is also dead.

The incident took place approximately 30 minutes north of Dallas.

Jorge Ventura, a correspondent for “NewsNation Prime,” provided the breaking details of the situation.

While limited information is currently available, it has been confirmed that the shooter is deceased and there are multiple victims, some of whom are children.

Local authorities are expected to release more information as the investigation progresses.

The shooting occurred at the Allan Premium Outlets during one of the busiest times for the mall.

Police have urged the public to stay away from the area as they continue to investigate the incident.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) personnel are also responding to the scene.

This marks at least the second active shooting situation this week, following the incident in Atlanta where a shooter was apprehended at a hospital after killing one woman and injuring four others.

NewsNation is closely monitoring the ongoing investigation in Allen, Texas, and will provide updates throughout the night as more information becomes available, including details about the motive behind the shooting.

As the situation develops, NewsNation Prime will keep viewers informed, and further updates will be provided by Natasha Sue Best.

The motive behind the shooting in Allen, Texas, is currently unknown, and the incident is being treated as a developing situation.

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