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MTA Hero Enhances Accessibility Features on Buses

In a bid to ensure a comfortable and safe commuting experience for all passengers, MTA Hero has implemented various accessibility features on its buses.

Kerry Bowden, the Assistant Chief Maintenance Officer with the Department of Buses, is leading the effort to equip buses with state-of-the-art accessibility amenities.

The initiative aims to make public transportation more inclusive and convenient for everyone.

With a fleet of 58 buses in the MTA system, 800 of them have been fully equipped with these new features.

Bowden highlighted some of the modifications, such as widening the doors to accommodate wheelchair users and those with mobility aids.

Additionally, specific areas have been designated for strollers and elderly passengers.

Bowden emphasized the importance of operator safety, noting that the enhancements also benefit the bus drivers.

The project is a collaborative effort that involves skilled and dedicated individuals who understand the significance of their work.

The Department of Buses, operating from the Bus Maintenance and Training Facility in the Bronx, has worked on over 3,500 buses to improve accessibility.

The endeavor to create a universal bus system is reinforced by the teamwork of professionals like Kerry Bowden and the first-ever Chief Accessibility Officer, Kim, at MTA.

The city’s transit buses have become the first in the United States to be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, setting a benchmark for other regions to follow.

The focus on accessibility extends beyond physical modifications, with efforts made to provide charging stations for personal electronic devices.

Kerry Bowden’s commitment and innovative ideas have earned him the title of MTA Hero.

He acknowledges the significance of his role and takes pride in contributing to the betterment of public transportation.

However, he recognizes the collective effort of the team and emphasizes the importance of getting it right for the benefit of all New Yorkers.

The MTA’s commitment to accessibility reflects its dedication to improving the lives of passengers and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone.

By implementing these accessibility features, MTA Hero is taking a significant step towards creating a universally accessible transportation system.

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