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MP Michael Chong Calls on CSIS to Name Names on Threats

Member of Parliament Michael Chong testified before a parliamentary committee today, urging the federal government to compel CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) to reveal the identities of individuals involved in threats.

Chong’s call comes after he himself was targeted by China, as revealed during the committee hearing.

Although CSIS may have been aware of the targeting for at least two years, Chong only learned about it 16 days ago.

He stated that while he had received threats, he had not suspected an orchestrated campaign by the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Chong mentioned one incident that occurred during the last federal election campaign, while other incidents took place outside of that period.

Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei, the alleged perpetrator, has since been expelled.

Chong is now pushing for further action, calling for the government to compel CSIS to name the individuals involved and to identify foreign agents targeting politicians, similar to what the United Kingdom has done.

According to Chong, the government’s inaction would leave Canada’s democracy unnecessarily vulnerable to foreign interference.

It is not only politicians who are at risk; citizens like Mehmet Totty, a Uighur activist, suspect that they are being monitored.

Totty deliberately cut ties with his family to protect them from potential harm.

He provided CSIS with a recording containing veiled threats regarding family members who have disappeared in China.

This incident occurred after Totty supported a cause involving 10,000 Uighur refugees.

Experts suggest that Canada’s approach to foreign interference could impact its relationship with its closest ally, the United States.

Close cooperation between the two countries is crucial to ensure neither presents vulnerabilities to the other.

Canada’s resiliency to foreign interference will soon face a test in the upcoming federal by-elections.

The Trudeau government has pledged to increase monitoring of potential threats in light of these developments.

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