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Garbage Accumulation in Anseong City Causes Discomfort and Urges Residents’ Awareness

Garbage has been left unattended for nearly a month on the streets of Anseong, Gyeonggi Province.

The unsorted waste is not accepted at the incineration facility, which is why the city is planning to find those who secretly dump such garbage.

Anju Han reports.

In Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, bags of trash are scattered throughout the streets.

The inconvenience of the odor, followed by the unsightly appearance, is causing problems for businesses as well.

Garbage has been piling up on every street corner for about a month now.

The Bogeumyeon incineration plant, which handles 50 tons of waste per day, stopped operating for an electrical inspection after halting the acceptance of unsorted garbage due to the refusal of the incineration facility.

As a result, Anseong has taken emergency measures, such as dispersing the waste to the metropolitan landfill site and Pyeongtaek Eco-Center.

However, unsorted waste is still not being collected.

Anseong city officials are currently taking measures to fine those who engage in illegal dumping.

The incineration plant is expected to resume operations soon, but the garbage situation is likely to continue.

This is because the residents’ support group, consisting of six villages near the incineration plant, plans to monitor whether the garbage intake standards are being met.

If unsorted waste is heavily included, it can cause environmental problems such as emitting pollutants from the incinerator.

The waste sent by Anseong to external facilities has not met the waste intake standards and has been refused by the metropolitan landfill and received some remedial measures by Pyeongtaek Eco-Center.

Anseong residents have enjoyed a clean environment until now, and the burden of waste has fallen on the six villages.

Separation and collection of waste are fundamental social commitments to relieve this burden.

While Anseong is pushing for the expansion of the current incineration facility and the construction of an environmental education center, residents near the facility are demanding institutional support to ensure that social consensus achieved during the incineration plant acceptance process is maintained.

This has been SBS news.

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