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The mother of Aiden Fucci, who was convicted of the brutal murder of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey when he was 14 years old, is now facing her own trial for evidence tampering.

Crystal Smith, the mother of the convicted teen killer, appeared in court where a judge made a significant ruling regarding her case.

Smith is accused of attempting to hide her son’s crime and has been charged with evidence tampering.

Prosecutors presented surveillance video from inside her home as evidence, showing Smith in a bathroom with what appeared to be jeans in her hands.

They claim that she was washing the blood out of her son’s jeans just hours after he stabbed Tristan to death.

In the upcoming trial, the court will hear testimony from a state expert who will provide insights into DNA and blood evidence related to the case.

Smith’s attorney argued against allowing the expert to testify, claiming that the evidence was not based on scientific data or studies.

However, the judge ruled in favor of the prosecution and stated that the testimony from the blood and DNA expert will be heard.

The trial proceedings will commence next week, starting with jury selection on Monday.

Crystal Smith’s case has garnered significant attention, with media outlets closely following the developments.

The report also mentions a vigil held to remember Tristan Bailey, which took place recently.

Stay tuned for further updates on Crystal Smith’s trial, as First Coast News will provide comprehensive coverage of the proceedings next week.

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