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A group of Russian soldiers who were mobilized have lodged complaints regarding their treatment.

Some soldiers from St.

Petersburg have recorded a video addressed to President Putin after a defeat near Avdiivka.

Another group of mobilized soldiers are requesting help from Vladimir Putin to save them from the fate of cannon fodder.

The plea was recorded on March 18th by a new group called the Packed Party, this time from St.

Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

They are asking to stop being thrown into suicide attacks on fortified positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The video is available on the Telegram channel “Ukraine 365”.

The “conscripts” who filmed the video are fighting as part of the Russian Armed Forces’ 138th Motor Rifle Brigade.

“Our detachment suffered an unreasonable amount of losses.

We were sent to storm the fortified area near Avdiivka without reconnaissance…

and the losses amounted to over 70% of our personnel,” say the soldiers.

Despite their severe losses and shortage of heavy weapons, the remaining soldiers are being sent to the front line with automatic rifles.

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