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Missouri Student Suspended for Recording Teacher Using Racial Slur

A high school sophomore in Missouri faced a three-day suspension after capturing her geometry teacher using a racial slur during a class session.

The incident has sparked a controversy, with the student’s family and lawyer advocating for the suspension to be lifted.

The video, which contains offensive language, was recorded by Mary Walton, the student at the center of the controversy.

The exchange in the video shows the teacher repeatedly using a racial slur, prompting a firestorm of outrage.

The video was obtained by KY TV and subsequently led to Mary Walton’s suspension.

The school justified its decision by citing the policy that prohibits recording faculty members without approval, emphasizing that the teacher in question is no longer employed by the district.

The school district released a statement condemning the teacher’s comments, deeming them inappropriate, inexcusable, and contrary to the professional standards of their employees.

Mary Walton’s attorney, Natalie Hall, believes that the school owes an apology to her client.

Hall argues that Mary believed the incidents needed to be recorded.

The emergence of recording public officials gained prominence following the tragic death of George Floyd, suggesting a need for transparency and accountability.

While the school’s handbook prohibits recording faculty or in-class activities, Hall argues that such policies are currently unconstitutional.

Hall highlights that over half of the U.S.

District Courts of Appeal have unequivocally stated that citizens possess the lawful right to record activities of public officials.

The teacher’s identity remains undisclosed by the school district, which has declined to comment on whether they will reconsider the policy, revoke the suspension, or issue an apology to Mary, citing student confidentiality.

Mary’s mother expressed concern about the impact this incident has had on her daughter, stating that she experiences anxiety and sadness due to bringing a significant issue to light.

The family and their lawyer continue to push for a resolution, while public attention remains fixated on the outcome of this case.

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