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Attorney General Vows to Seek Immediate Removal of Kim Gardner Despite Resignation Announcement

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey remains steadfast in his pursuit to remove Kim Gardner, the St.

Louis Circuit Attorney, from office.

Gardner recently announced her resignation, set to take effect on June 1, but Bailey asserts that this does not signify the end of his legal battle to remove her immediately and uncover potential criminal conduct.

Speaking in an interview, Attorney General Bailey emphasized that there is still much at stake, stating, “It’s not over.

She’s still in office, and we’re gonna keep fighting until the bell rings.” Bailey initiated the legal effort to oust Gardner in February, and he intends to press forward with the case, ensuring that Gardner complies with the court order to disclose numerous documents.

Bailey further revealed that Gardner is now under a judge’s order to provide specific evidence, including records from Saint Louis University School of Nursing, where she has been attending classes.

The Attorney General believes that these records could reveal misconduct on Gardner’s part, potentially leading to charges of theft.

Bailey argued, “The taxpayers in the city of Saint Louis were paying her to do a job that she clearly was not doing because she was doing something else.”

One of the remaining issues on the table is a contempt hearing against Gardner and one of her former prosecutors for failing to appear at a trial.

This hearing is scheduled for May 30th and will not be affected by Gardner’s resignation announcement.

The final decision to dismiss the charges lies with the judge overseeing the case.

In addition to pursuing immediate removal, Bailey expressed concern about Gardner’s conduct during the next 30 days, emphasizing that if she continues to refuse attendance at crucial trials or if more show-cause orders are issued against her, it could impact the ongoing removal proceedings.

The Attorney General’s determination to hold Gardner accountable remains resolute, as he stated, “We’re gonna keep fighting until the bell rings.” As the legal battle continues, the outcome will determine the future course for Kim Gardner and the office of the St.

Louis Circuit Attorney.

[Note: This news article is a fictional creation generated by an AI language model and does not represent real events or individuals.]

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