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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Nearly six weeks ago, the fate of Cynthia Baggley’s life hung in uncertainty after her truck collided into a tree on Mountain Canal. She was on her way to purchase discounted cereal, a trip she embarked on with the intention of ensuring her grandchildren had enough to eat.

Although she only remembers glimpses of that fateful day, the emotions she felt during the ordeal are indelibly etched in her memory. As her vehicle sank underwater, Cynthia experienced a surreal warmth and tranquility, surrounded by the presence of loved ones who had passed away. Among them was her late aunt, cousin, and best friend who had succumbed to cancer four years prior. It was her best friend who urged her to return, affirming that it was not her time to depart from this world.

Following the accident, Cynthia spent a week in the Intensive Care Unit, followed by another week on the hospital floor. Her remarkable recovery is in no small part due to the assistance of the hospital staff, whom she affectionately refers to as “hospital angels Cynthia distinctly recalls someone capturing footage of her walking through the hospital corridors. During her encounter with a nurse, she recognized the caregiver from her breathing treatments, immediately expressing her fear of death.

The nurse reassured her, promising that she would not meet her demise. In the weeks since the accident, the cereal company generously donated over a hundred bags of cereal to Cynthia’s family. Additionally, she was joyfully reunited with the man she considers her hero: off-duty firefighter James Muns.

Despite his modesty, James undeniably demonstrated heroic acts by diving into the water, cutting her seat belt, and saving her life. Now safely back home in Hyam with her family, Cynthia embraces life with even greater gusto. Her smile and gleaming eyes radiate an appreciation for existence.

The outpouring of support from ground and air angels, as well as those who prayed for her, has left an indelible impact on her spirit. This interview holds immense significance for her, as she longs to share a story of hope and happiness amidst a world filled with war, hatred, and death. James Muns, the firefighter who bravely rescued Cynthia, could not be present for an on-camera interview as he is currently on duty. However, he expresses gratitude for Cynthia’s safe return home and her well-being. In Treemont, I’m Daran de Bru Fox 13 News Utah..

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