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Milwaukee Woman Believes Her French Bulldogs Were Stolen

A Milwaukee woman is heartbroken after her two French Bulldogs, Abby and G, went missing from her yard.

Kimberly Bonds, the owner, suspects that they were stolen, and she has a warning for other dog owners in the city.

She stated that her big dog, Lucius, returned to the house, but Abby and G were gone, and the back gate was open.

According to Bonds, somebody had seen them being picked up in a blue van, and when her husband asked if they were his, the man replied that they were his and drove off.

Bonds, who works at a veterinary clinic, stated that these Frenchies are not just pets, but her heart, and she won’t stop looking until her heart and home are full again.

She has also contacted Milwaukee police and plans to file a report.

Bonds is not alone in this as several French Bulldog owners have reported their missing or stolen dogs to the news channel.

Bonds is urging other dog owners to be cautious and vigilant to prevent such incidents from happening to them.

She hopes that her beloved Abby and G will be returned to her soon.

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