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Milwaukee Water Works Warns of Suspicious Water Inspections

Milwaukee Water Works is alerting residents to be cautious of door-to-door solicitors claiming to be conducting water inspections.

The utility has received multiple reports from concerned residents who have been visited by individuals insisting on accessing their homes to test their water.

The solicitations are believed to be suspicious as the utility has no connection to the company making the requests.

The solicitors have been described as aggressive and insistent, causing worry among some residents, especially the elderly who may be home alone when visited.

Milwaukee Water Works water quality manager, Michelle Natarajan, states that the utility’s workers rarely show up to a house without an appointment, and residents should be aware that they do not have to let these individuals into their homes.

Adrian Winkler, an employee of Milwaukee Water Works, reported that his elderly mother received a postcard alerting her that technicians would be in her neighborhood near Grange Avenue and 20th Street.

Shortly after, she received a visit from a solicitor claiming that there were water quality complaints in the area and they needed access to her home to test her well and city water.

Fortunately, she did not let the individuals into her home.

Milwaukee Water Works is urging residents to be vigilant and aware that the solicitors are not affiliated with the utility.

The company associated with the logo on the postcard is Clearwater High, but attempts to reach them have been unsuccessful.

Milwaukee Water Works says that these visits are not coming from any specific part of the city, and they have received multiple reports of suspicious water inspections.

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