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Milwaukee Teenager Arrested and Charged in Connection with Armed Robbery of Qdoba at Bayshore

A Milwaukee teenager has been charged in connection with an armed robbery at the Qdoba restaurant located at Bayshore.

According to prosecutors, the teenager, Marquavion Williams, and another individual robbed the restaurant after hours.

When the police arrived, the two suspects ran and climbed into the ceiling, where they stayed hidden for hours.

Police discovered a gun in the ceiling, which Williams later admitted to stealing from his grandfather.

During the standoff, police deployed pepper balls into the ceiling to try and get the suspects to come down.

Prosecutors stated that Williams had scoped out the restaurant before committing the crime.

Williams appeared in court and his attorney pushed back on the armed robbery charge, stating that there was no property taken from anyone.

However, the complaint included a line stating that office video showed Williams holding a gun while attempting to open the safe.

The court found probable cause for all of the charges.

Williams admitted to the robbery, claiming that he needed money to buy a car.

He is scheduled to appear in court again later this month.

It is unclear if the 16-year-old girl involved in the crime will be charged at a later date.

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