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Milwaukee Police Officer Charged with Pointing Weapon at Ex-Girlfriend while Off Duty

Milwaukee, WI – A Milwaukee police officer, Rodney Abernathy, is facing charges after allegedly pointing his service weapon at his ex-girlfriend while off duty in January.

The incident has resulted in two misdemeanor charges against Abernathy, according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint states that on January 18th, Abernathy’s ex-girlfriend was dropped off by her friends near his home located at 37th and State.

Upon exchanging words at the door, Abernathy emerged from the house holding a gun and grabbed the victim’s neck.

Prosecutors allege that Abernathy then cocked the gun and pointed it at the victim’s head.

Another woman reportedly came out of Abernathy’s residence, prompting the victim and her friends to retreat to their car.

However, Abernathy pursued them while still holding the weapon, and the victim was forced into the front passenger seat.

A friend who witnessed the incident told police that she heard the victim say, “I can’t breathe.

Get off of me.

We’re done.” Before the car could leave, Abernathy’s actions were halted.

During questioning, Abernathy admitted to the detective that the victim had come to his home and damaged windows, an account corroborated by neighbors.

However, he denied pointing the gun at anyone, stating that he raised the weapon but did not aim it at anyone.

The gun was later determined to be Abernathy’s service weapon, with a single round found in the chamber.

Abernathy currently faces two charges: one count of endangering safety with the use of a dangerous weapon, related to pointing the gun, and one count of disorderly conduct with the use of a dangerous weapon.

He has been placed on administrative duty without police power and has had his access to his service weapon revoked.

The district attorney’s office has indicated that there could be additional charges based on further evidence.

Abernathy is scheduled to appear in court on Monday for his initial hearing.

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