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Milwaukee to Experience Rain and Windy Weather Throughout the Day

Milwaukee residents are advised to prepare for a rainy and windy day as the weather worsens throughout the day.

The morning is still dry and a little windy, but rain is expected to start in the afternoon, with the main bulk of the rain falling between 3 pm and 8 pm.

Overnight, there will be some lingering showers, which could turn into a little rain-snow mix, especially in some of the northern counties.

Despite the anticipated weather change, the morning is still dry and windy, with clouds hanging around.

Mild temperatures of around 42 degrees are expected, but the wind is gusting up to 30 miles per hour, with wind speeds ranging between ten and 20 miles per hour.

The gusts could easily exceed over 30 miles per hour in the middle of the day, and it will still be windy going into tomorrow, which is expected to be much colder.

The rainy and windy weather is attributed to an area of low pressure that has been tracked for the last couple of days.

The system is too warm for snow, so Milwaukee should expect all rain.

However, areas of Minnesota and Nebraska are likely to experience snow and ice potential.

The rain is expected to pick up after lunch hour, becoming more intense between three and 8 pm, as the area of low pressure approaches.

Residents are advised to keep their headlights on while driving, even though the sun sets at around 7 pm.

Tomorrow is expected to be rainy and windy in the morning, with rain-snow mix showers going into Friday morning and lingering into the afternoon.

The wind will be out of the northwest, bringing cold air to the region, making it feel kind of nasty.

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