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Milwaukee, Wisconsin – A 6-year-old girl named Chiari Reading, who was shot and paralyzed allegedly by her own uncle, is showing strength beyond her years as she continues to fight for her recovery.

According to her mother, Asia Jackson, a stray bullet hit Chiari in the chest while she was at a family member’s house in July of 2022, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.
As Milwaukee police investigate multiple shootings in the area, Chiari’s family is raising awareness about the impact of gun violence.

Prosecutors say that Chiari’s uncle, John Jackson, was upset and recklessly firing into the home when the incident occurred.

The family is urging for an end to the violence that has hurt or killed several Milwaukee children this year.
Despite the tragedy, Chiari’s family is focusing on every achievement and milestone, like when she recently got out of her wheelchair on her own.

“She enjoys every moment of life,” says her mother.

“What do you like to do with your wheelchair? Run people over?” Chiari replies with a smile.

“She’s six years old and she’s still got a lot more growing to do, so I think my baby will be able to walk again one day,” adds her mother.
Chiari’s uncle, John Jackson, is scheduled to appear in court this Tuesday for his alleged involvement in the shooting.

Milwaukee Police data shows more than 200 non-fatal shootings in 2023, which is up from this time last year.

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