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Weekend Weather Forecast: Gusty Winds and High Temperatures to Sweep Across Rio Grande Valley Mike Pence Challenges Ron DeSantis for Lead Culture Warrior of the Republican Party

Former Vice President Mike Pence is reportedly challenging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the title of Lead Culture Warrior for the Republican Party.

However, DeSantis is not backing down without a fight.

The two have differing approaches to the culture war, with Pence coming from the old school evangelical Republican party and DeSantis representing the new school.

Pence has been pushing the culture war since before DeSantis even considered running for office, and has experience as a conservative radio host.

Despite this, some say that Pence is too boring and lacks support from Trump supporters who are still angry at him for certifying Joe Biden’s election victory.

Moderate Republicans have also reportedly moved on to other potential candidates like Nikki Haley and DeSantis himself.

As a result, many believe that Pence is not a factor in the race and that his political career may be on life support.

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