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Migrants Still Waiting at Border Wall as Title 42 Expires

Migrants continue to wait at Gate 42 on the border wall as the expiration of Title 42 approaches.

ABC-7’s Juarez correspondent, Heriberto Perez, provides an update live from the other side of the border.

The scene behind him remains the same as shown earlier on ABC-7 at 6.

Now that Title 42 has expired, migrants are still waiting behind him.

However, some migrants who crossed illegally and were brought back to Mexico have stated that they will not attempt to cross again.

Randy, a migrant from Venezuela, shared his perspective, saying that migrants who have just arrived in Juarez are expressing their intention to turn themselves in to U.S.


However, migrants who have been at the border for a longer period are advising newcomers not to do so, though they understand the newcomers’ goal.

According to Randy, the new migrants are unaware of the situation and are fearless in their pursuit.

Randy, who was sent back to Mexico, expressed his reluctance to attempt crossing again.

He stated that they do not want to try entering the U.S.

illegally because they are sent to other parts of Mexico and feel safe in Juarez.

Although reports earlier this week suggested that the camp outside Juarez’s City Hall was nearly empty, on-site observations revealed fewer tents but an increase in the number of migrants who had recently been sent back to Mexico.

Despite the expiration of Title 42, more migrants are still arriving in Juarez, attempting to cross the border.

However, those who have been waiting for months now want to wait for another opportunity instead.

Randy shared his concerns, emphasizing that pursuing a dream may result in losing his family and even his life.

Similarly, other migrants express their fear of the consequences and state their intention to stay in Juarez.

As Title 42 expires, causing uncertainty at the border, the situation continues to evolve.

Heriberto Perez reports live from the U.S.-Mexico border, providing updates on the ongoing developments.

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