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Hundreds of Migrants Seeking a New Life in the US while Biden Administration Claims They’re Opening Up More Legal Pathways

Over 10,000 migrants are currently in Mexico, hoping to get asylum appointments on the US-Mexico border.

However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to take the legal pathways.

Adam Klepp, a spokesperson for Sam Fox 9, spoke to migrants who are finding those pathways hard to access.

Victor Hugo Delgado, a Venezuelan migrant, is trying to get an asylum appointment for him, his husband, and their kids.

But it’s not working.

“Iraudin Josseleyny, a Venezuelan migrant, says the demand for appointments outweighs the supply.

The city of Lilia is struggling to accommodate and border protection says over six thousand migrants are currently in Mexico.

However, the number of daily asylum appointments is far fewer,” says Klepp.

Maria Herminia is leaving the migrants at shelter in Mexico.

She explains the application process and the challenges they face.

“The numbers are full, one mother from Venezuela is trying to get an appointment in Tijuana.

Then, the appointment will be in Laredo or Hidalgo, and then nothing is happening,” she explains.

Yuma Mama is seeing an increase in border crossings, and every day spots are being filled up quickly.

Even if someone comes legally, it could be over a thousand migrants away.

Maria Victoria Huezo, a Guatemalan migrant, is in Tijuana.

The appointment will be in Laredo or Hidalgo, and then nothing is happening there.

While Yuma Mama is experiencing an increase in border crossings, they are only managing to process about 25 asylum appointments per day.

The situation is becoming overwhelming for everyone involved.

Migrants like Marcela Herrera from Caracas, Venezuela, are also affected by the growing border crisis.

“The system tells me it’s full.

We had trauma from crossing from Texas, we almost drowned,” she says.

The number of migrants living in shelters is full.

Many people in need of asylum are struggling to find a way to navigate the system.

The process needs a significant improvement to address the growing demand.

As the crisis escalates, Yuma Mayor Maria Mendoza expresses her concerns about the increasing number of border crossings.

“We had trauma from crossing from Texas, we almost drowned.

It was up to my mouth, my ten-year-old son carried me out,” she shares.

With the title “Migrants in Mexico Face Obstacles in Accessing Asylum Appointments,” the article sheds light on the difficulties faced by migrants seeking asylum in the US and the challenges they encounter in the process.

The situation at the border is dire, and more attention and resources are needed to address the growing humanitarian crisis.

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