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Migrants Cross Border as Title 42 Expires – 13 On Your Side’s Vanessa Gongora Reports Live

As Title 42 comes to an end tonight, hundreds of migrants are crossing the Yuma Sector border, seeking asylum, knowing they can’t be turned away.

13 On Your Side’s Vanessa Gongora is live from the border to provide updates on the situation.

At the moment, there aren’t many people waiting in line to turn themselves into Border Patrol, as seen behind Vanessa.

However, earlier this morning, there were far more migrants.

We spoke with one man who came all the way from the Dominican Republic.

He informed us that about four thousand migrants were awaiting at the San Luis border this morning, with approximately 42 thousand along the entire Arizona border.

In response to the increasing number of migrants, Representative Tim Dunn has requested FEMA’s engagement at the border to bring more resources and facilities.

Now that Title 42 will be lifted, Title Eight immigration law is said to be back in effect.

Representative Dunn expressed his hopes of helping his sick parents back home, stating, “With the help of God, we’ll get to help my parents who are sick back home.” He continues to work with the legislature and the governor’s office, focusing on the humanitarian side of things and arranging for more buses to take migrants to their final destinations.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on this evolving situation.

Reporting live from the U.S.-Mexico border, I’m Vanessa Gongora for 13 On Your Side.

Note: The information provided is based on the given text and does not represent real events or reporting.

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