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Migrants Camping by Border Wall Await Lifting of Title 42 Restrictions

As the anticipated lifting of Title 42 restrictions approaches, a growing number of migrants have been spotted camping near Gate 42 of the border wall.

Some migrants have even managed to enter the United States on Wednesday morning.

Jose, a migrant from Venezuela who preferred not to reveal his identity, shared his experience, stating that U.S.

authorities have informed them that they will allow some migrants into the country on Wednesday, following the expiration of Title 42.

Jose expressed his grievances about being expelled to Mexico without any explanation, food, or water at midnight.

This marked the third time Jose turned himself in to U.S.

authorities, and during his previous encounter, he spent six days in a detention center in El Paso.

He mentioned that his last meal was on Tuesday at noon at the detention facility.

Many migrants, including Jose, have been staying near the border wall gates for days, with some enduring over a week of waiting.

Jose expressed confusion about why some people are allowed to enter while he and his family were denied entry.

Three weeks ago, Jose and his family presented themselves at Gate 36 but were not granted permission to enter.

He emphasized his desire to reunite with his wife and daughter, who are already inside the United States.

According to Jose, there are still approximately 700 people waiting near the border wall gates since 7 a.m.

He hopes for a chance to return and be reunited with his family.

The lifting of Title 42 restrictions has sparked hope among migrants, but the situation remains uncertain as they wait for further developments.

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