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Migrants Continue to Wait at Border Wall Gate 42 as Title 42 Expiration Nears

Hundreds of migrants are still lined up in front of U.S.

authorities at Gate 42 of the border wall, eagerly waiting to be processed, as the expiration of Title 42 approaches.

ABC-7 Juarez correspondent, Heriberto Perez, provides an update from the other side of the border.

Since arriving at Gate 42, Border Patrol agents and members of the Texas National Guard have been seen surrounding the migrants.

The scene is filled with anticipation as migrants hope for a chance to gain access to the U.S.

Some lucky individuals were granted entry yesterday, while others remained there overnight.

On the way to the location, a small group of approximately ten or twelve migrants were observed making their way towards Gate 42.

However, when passing Gate 40 of the border wall, no migrants were seen, only Texas State Troopers and other U.S.


Reporters will continue to monitor the situation, waiting for migrants to approach the gate, in order to gather their perspectives and firsthand accounts.

More updates will be provided during ABC-7’s broadcast at 5 PM.

This ongoing situation at the U.S./Mexico border highlights the challenges faced by migrants seeking entry into the United States and the measures taken by U.S.

authorities to process and manage the influx of individuals.

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