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As the expiration of Title 42 approaches, the number of migrants waiting at the US-Mexico border continues to grow.

The Biden administration estimates that once the policy ends, as many as 10,000 people could attempt to cross the border daily.

While under Title 42, those seeking asylum had to wait out the process in another country, under Title 8, migrants will have the ability to establish a legal basis to remain in the US if they can show a credible threat of persecution or violence in their home country.

The White House has sent judges and lawyers to the border to take on expedited removal proceedings, but some anticipate confusion and a backlog in the legal process.

Congressman Darrell Issa believes that any possibility for a simpler process for asylum or immigration is over, while Democratic Congressman Mike Levin sees it as a possibility.

Meanwhile, people at the border continue to wait in hopes of a better life, while border towns brace for the impact.

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