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Migrant Crossings Expected to Surge as Title 42 Deadline Approaches

Lines of migrants are gathering at the southern border in anticipation of the lifting of the COVID-19 era policy known as Title 42, which has been used to block asylum seekers.

President Biden acknowledges that the situation is going to be chaotic in the coming days.

In El Paso, hundreds, if not thousands, of migrants have gathered at a single entry point along the border wall.

Many of these migrants are believed to have entered through a hole in the fence near the river.

They are seeking asylum, and in a peculiar move, they are being brought in and likely to be processed.

This is seen as a last-ditch effort to control the influx of migrants at the border.

The looming Title 42 deadline, less than 48 hours away, has created growing confusion and chaos at the border.

Chants for asylum can be heard on the streets of El Paso as border officials issue a stern ultimatum.

Flyers have been distributed, stating that migrants should turn themselves in for processing or face consequences, including likely deportation.

The situation has left many migrants uncertain about their fate.

One Venezuelan migrant, who spent months traveling with a group of 20 others, expressed concerns that they might be turned back if they show up for processing.

Critics and border officials have described the situation as growing out of control.

Historically, asylum seekers have been granted certain privileges, but Title 42, set to expire on Thursday at midnight, has prevented migrants from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to seek asylum, forcing them to wait in Mexico.

However, when the policy is lifted, some migrants will be allowed to stay in the U.S.

until their asylum claims are resolved.

Asylum seekers are now required to use an app to declare their status or risk being deported.

Large crowds are gathering, hoping to enter the U.S.

by Friday.

Among them is a family covered in dust, with their two small children tired and thirsty.

When asked if their current situation is better than what they left behind, the father, a Venezuelan, says that Venezuela is currently very tough.

Despite their hardships, they remain determined to wait until they believe it is the right time for their children’s future.

Law enforcement efforts are underway to disperse the crowds both at the border and in cities like El Paso.

This final attempt is aimed at addressing the issue of migrants who crossed the border illegally and are still seeking asylum.

These migrants are being processed and then released, which means they either return to border towns or are sent to cities across the country.

As the Title 42 deadline draws near, the situation at the southern border is expected to escalate further, with a surge in migrant crossings anticipated.

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