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Grafton Middle School Teacher Arrested for Threatening Students Over Swastika Drawing

A teacher at John Long Middle School in Grafton has been arrested by the Grafton police for making “terrorist threats” towards students in his classroom.

The incident occurred on Friday morning and has sent shockwaves throughout the community.

According to witnesses, the turmoil began when a student discovered a discarded piece of paper with swastikas drawn on it.

Concerned about the offensive content, the student promptly handed it over to their Jewish teacher.

However, instead of addressing the situation appropriately, the teacher allegedly traumatized the students with a series of threats.

One student, Ethan, who was present in the classroom, described the distressing experience.

“I don’t really know what was going on.

It was like shots that I could really think,” he said.

The teacher reportedly expressed his outrage about the swastika drawing, stating that it was a disgrace.

He then proceeded to mention racial slurs and made references to other derogatory messages written on the walls.

The situation escalated further when the teacher made threats, claiming to possess 17 guns in his basement and expressing no hesitation in using them.

He even threatened to send his daughter to the students’ homes with a baseball bat to exact revenge.

Fortunately, a student in the back of the class had the presence of mind to report the teacher’s behavior to the school administrators, who promptly removed him from the premises.

Subsequently, the police arrested the teacher on charges of terrorist threats and exposing a child to harmful material.

In a statement to the school, the teacher admitted to making the threats out of anger.

He expressed remorse for his actions, acknowledging that his words were unacceptable and caused tremendous distress to the students and their families.

Parents are demanding severe consequences for the teacher, including the loss of his job and reputation.

The incident has sparked outrage within the community, with parents emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe and inclusive learning environment.

The school district is cooperating with the authorities in their investigation, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to address the incident and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The arrested teacher has been taken to the Stocky County Jail, awaiting further legal proceedings.

The community remains concerned about the long-term impact this traumatic incident may have on the affected students and their perception of school as a safe space.

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