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Miami Beach Issues Curfew After Fatal Shootings During Spring Break Festivities

Miami Beach has declared a state of emergency and imposed an overnight curfew following fatal shootings that occurred during spring break festivities over the weekend.

The curfew was put in place at 11:59 p.m.

on Sunday and will remain until 6 a.m.

on Monday.

The city has also imposed restrictions on alcoholic beverages and the volume of people in the area due to the unruly nature of too many people in the presence of guns.

Similar restrictions will be implemented starting Thursday.

Meanwhile, the family of Del Carmen Lopez is offering a $20,000 reward as they search for her after she was kidnapped in Mexico about five weeks ago.

Witnesses saw a white van drive up to her home in Pueblo Nuevo before she was taken by force.

Although investigators ruled out drug cartels, the family believes it still may have been a coordinated kidnapping by some group.

The mother of seven has dual citizenship in both Mexico and the U.S.

In another incident, suspected members of a drug cartel took four Americans hostage in Mexico a few weeks ago.

Two of them were killed, and the remaining two were released after the cartel surrendered five members who were involved and apologized for the deaths.

One of the surviving Americans is currently recovering in a hospital bed and hopes to find out what happened.

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