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Mexican President Denies Fentanyl Production and Consumption Despite Evidence

The president of Mexico, Andre Emanuel Lopez Obrador, recently denied that fentanyl is produced or consumed in Mexico, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The addictive drug is responsible for numerous deaths in the United States, with most of it processed in Mexico.

President Obrador’s comments come after a meeting between U.S and Mexican officials to address the fentanyl crisis, and the alleged kidnapping of four Americans by drug cartels in Mexico.

Some U.S Republican lawmakers are pushing to send the military into Mexico to go after its drug labs and cartels.

However, Enrique Acevedo, a CBS News contributor and anchor, believes that the U.S has a shared responsibility in this tragic cycle of addiction and violence.

He cites the flow of drugs through the southern border, the guns that come from the U.S and fuel the cartels’ power, and the failed War on Drugs policy as contributing factors.

Security cooperation between the U.S and Mexico has been strained since President Obrador took office, and tensions have escalated following his denial of fentanyl production and consumption in Mexico.

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