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Media outlets are facing mounting pressure to return awards they received for their coverage of the Russia collusion probe.

The Washington Post has stood by its reporting and refuses to return the awards.

The public perception of the media has been negatively affected, particularly regarding the Washington Post’s reporting on the Trump/Russia collusion and the discredited Steele dossier.

A recent poll revealed that three-quarters of U.S.

adults believe the news media is contributing to political polarization, and only 16% trust the media to report fairly and accurately.

This represents a significant decline compared to 1976 when three-quarters of Americans trusted the media.

The shift in public opinion can be attributed to partisan opinions being presented as factual information and journalists turning into activists, especially during the Trump era.

The media’s emotional hatred towards former President Trump has colored their reporting and continues to influence their coverage.

The lack of accountability and refusal to admit mistakes has further eroded trust in the media.

Many people believe that personal feelings and business interests have taken precedence over objective reporting.

The media’s biased coverage has damaged their credibility and led to calls for the return of awards given for their Russia probe reporting.

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