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Local McDonald’s Owner Donates 20% of Sales to Keep Little League Park Open

Twin Hills Little League in Paradise Hills, San Diego faced the possibility of shutting down due to code violations, leaving local children without a place to practice baseball and softball.

However, McDonald’s owner and operator Chris Rowe stepped up to donate 20% of sales at two nearby McDonald’s locations to support the league and the community in their efforts to fund necessary construction projects.

The Twin Hills Little League field is privately owned and has been operated by various Little League organizations over the years.

The current owners were not informed of the severity of the code enforcement issues when they took over ownership.

Now, repairs and renovations are necessary to ensure the safety of the young players.

The league has already raised $18,000 from community fundraisers, but more funds are needed to avoid potential closure.

The city is demanding repairs, including a retaining wall near the batting cages, and the cost could reach up to $70,000.

The McDonald’s donation comes at a critical time, as the league looks to fund necessary projects and avoid closure.

Twin Hills Park is a vital community resource, and the league is run solely by volunteers and funded by parent registrations, which barely cover the expenses for the season.

The community is coming together to support the young players and keep the park open for generations to come.

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