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A McDonald’s franchise in Florida has been found liable for negligence after a 4-year-old child suffered burns from a McNugget.

The incident occurred at a drive-through when the girl’s mother handed her daughter a Happy Meal.

Unfortunately, a scalding McNugget became lodged between the seat belt and the girl’s leg, resulting in burns on her thighs.

The girl’s mother filed a lawsuit claiming that the food was too hot and did not come with a warning.

She argued that if such incidents are preventable, proper warnings should be given.

However, the defense argued that Chicken McNuggets are not inherently dangerous.

Despite the defense’s argument, the jury sided with the plaintiff, citing negligence on the part of the McDonald’s franchise.

The jury concluded that the franchise failed to provide a reasonable warning and neglected to take necessary precautions to prevent such incidents from occurring.

This ruling emphasizes the importance of proper warnings and safety measures in the fast-food industry.

Customers should be made aware of potential risks associated with hot food items, particularly when serving children.

McDonald’s and its franchise owner have been held accountable for their failure to provide a sufficient warning in this case.

For more details on this incident, please visit the following link: ABC7NY – McDonald’s found liable after child burned by McNugget

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