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The Kentucky Labour Cabinet fined the franchisee $20,000 after two 10-year-old children were found working at McDonald’s restaurants in the state.

The franchisee also agreed to pay $13,500 in back wages to employees who were underpaid, including minors.

The investigation revealed that the franchisee had failed to obtain work permits for the minors and had violated child labour laws in the state.
McDonald’s stated that they do not tolerate any violations of labour laws and have terminated the franchise agreement with the operator of the Kentucky locations.

The fast-food giant also stated that they are conducting their own investigation into the matter and are working to ensure that all of their franchisees comply with labour laws.
Child labour is illegal in the United States, and children under the age of 14 are generally prohibited from working, except in certain limited circumstances, such as delivering newspapers or working in agriculture.

The use of child labour is a serious violation of human rights, and companies have a responsibility to ensure that their suppliers and franchisees comply with labour laws to protect the rights of children.

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