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MBTA Blue Line: Majority of Line Still Under Speed Restrictions

Commuters on the MBTA Blue Line are experiencing frustration as they inch along at speeds as slow as 5 miles per hour.

The MBTA had hoped to lift all global speed restrictions on trolley and subway lines by this weekend, but many block restrictions will remain in place.

The T recently limited all subway lines to 25 miles per hour to verify track inspection data, but quickly lifted those restrictions on all lines except the Green Line and the Mattapan Trolley.

The speed caps are expected to be lifted on the Green Line on Saturday, and have been lifted on the Mattapan Trolley, but certain sections of track on all lines will still be slow.

The MBTA acting general manager stated that some of these speed restrictions will require corrective actions and will take longer than others to resolve and lift.

The biggest impact will be on the Blue Line, where reduced speeds will be imposed along 80% of the track.

Some riders are hopeful that the T is doing what it can to improve the system, while others have lost faith after experiencing so many problems.

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