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The Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey, has reacted to the newly released body camera footage of a deadly police confrontation that occurred earlier this month.

The video shows part of the incident that led to the shooting death of a community activist named Naji Seabrooks.

According to family members, Seabrooks was hallucinating and behaving erratically, prompting them to call the police.

Officers arrived on the scene and tried to coax Seabrooks out of the bathroom where he had locked himself.

However, Seabrooks threatened them, claiming to have a gun and a knife.

Finally, Seabrooks lunged at the officers with a knife, and they opened fire, resulting in his death.

The Mayor arrived at the scene and tried to render aid, but the situation turned into a five-hour standoff.

He commended the police for doing everything they could to avoid a tragic outcome, but the incident is still under investigation.

The release of the video comes after vigils and calls for transparency by those accusing Paterson Police of using excessive force.

Seabrooks worked for an organization dedicated to stopping gun violence in Paterson.

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