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A massive sargassum seaweed bloom is threatening Central Florida beaches.

The bloom, which is bigger than ever seen for this time of year, has been observed in satellite photos and stretches 5,000 miles.

Scientists say there is more seaweed growing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but easterly winds are the engine that can bring more sargassum to the shores than ever before.

There was a record set in 2018, and this year could rival that.

More nutrients feeding the growth could be coming up from the ocean floor, but also from human impact along the Amazon and forest fires in Africa.

Although sargassum is not harmful in the open air at the beach, it can cause skin irritation and itching for beachgoers and tourists.

The preparations for the potential invasion of seaweed include getting equipment to put it in dump trucks and then taking it off the beach.

The authorities are keeping a close eye on the situation.

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