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Great Panic in the Russian Army! Ukrainian Army Makes Massive Progress

The Russia-Ukraine War has witnessed significant developments as the Ukrainian army launches a massive counteroffensive, causing great panic within the Russian army.

While the Russian forces find themselves cornered in various regions due to unsuccessful attacks, they are intensifying their efforts to protect the occupied lands.

However, the Ukrainian troops have made substantial progress in their mission to reclaim their country’s territories.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, on May 11, Ukrainian forces initiated an attack on Soledar, spanning the entire 95-kilometer line of contact.

Ministry representative Igor Konashenkov stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces, comprising over 1,000 soldiers, 40 tanks, and other equipment, conducted 26 attacks.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirmed this information and announced recent progress in Bakhmut, where Russian soldiers were repelled from certain directions.

The Ukrainian Army’s advances have been further evidenced by their successful strikes on key targets held by Russian forces.

Ukrainian long-range artillery destroyed 11 command posts, 19 troop concentrations, 1 ammunition depot, 1 fuel depot, 9 artillery units, 1 air defense asset, and 2 other significant targets in the previous day’s operations.

In response to these developments, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement, declaring a tactical withdrawal in the north of Bakhmut.

The situation remains highly fluid, and it is crucial to stay updated on the latest news regarding the Russia-Ukraine war.

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