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This morning, the tent freeway near downtown Los Angeles was closed due to a massive fire at a pallet yard. It is expected that the freeway will remain closed for at least 24 hours. Eyewitness news reporter Eric Rendes is live at the scene with the latest updates.

Over 100 fire crews from the LA Fire Department responded to battle the large inferno that engulfed the pallet yard. Currently, there is still a plume of smoke coming from underneath the 10 freeway where the blaze originated.

The fire crews have been strategic in their approach and we even witnessed a fire engine catching on fire underneath the overpass. New information reveals that both eastbound and westbound lanes of the 10 freeway will be shut down for at least 24 hours. Calr is present to assess the damage to the freeway. Officer Roberto Gomez from the CHP joined us live to provide further details on the closures. He stated that the closures included the 10 eastbound at Alama, with all traffic being diverted.

Additionally, the east LA interchange leading into downtown LA is affected. Specifically, the closures include the 5 north to the 10 west, 5 south to the 10 west, and the 60 into the 10 west towards downtown. These closures are expected to last for 24 hours. In terms of traffic diversion, Officer Gomez advises commuters to take alternate routes or expect delays if heading towards downtown. The expectation of the closure lasting for 24 hours is preliminary at this time.

The DWP has been assisting the LA Fire Department by increasing water pressure from fire hydrants, as the fire operation required significant assistance. The fire also caused power lines to fall, making the operation more complex. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported. Fire crews will be working until approximately 10 a.m.

and the closure of the 10 freeway will persist for at least 24 hours. Reporting live in downtown Los Angeles, I’m Eric Rendes for ABC7 Eyewitness News..

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