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The breaking news we have been following all morning is that the 10 Freeway in Downtown LA is closed indefinitely due to a massive fire at a storage yard. Flare ups under the roadway are preventing engineers from assessing the freeway’s structural integrity. KTLA Erin Myers is reporting live from Downtown LA with the latest details.

Firefighters are still on the scene working to extinguish the fire. The intensity of the fire melted parts of the guardrail on the off-ramp. The closure of the freeway has caused significant backup, and multiple on-ramps are also closed.

It is advised to avoid the area. The fire started before 12:30 am this morning, and additional resources had to be called in to combat the blaze which spread to a second storage yard. While commercial buildings nearby were protected, trailers, vehicles, and pallets were destroyed. 26 fire companies with over 160 firefighters battled the fire.

Extra equipment, including excavators and an ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) robot, were brought in to assist. Due to concerns about the structural integrity of the freeway columns, firefighters were not put in harm’s way.

Caltrans will assess the structural integrity of the freeway once the fire is completely extinguished. Hazardous materials may be present, so hazardous teams will need to ensure it is safe for structural engineers to enter.

The engineers will conduct tests to determine if any repairs or replacements are necessary. It is worth noting that a fire engine on the scene was also damaged. Fortunately, everyone was able to evacuate, and no injuries have been reported..

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