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BREAKING NEWS in Orange County: There is a massive fire at the historic Tustin Military Base. One of the large hangars caught fire early this morning, resulting in a partial collapse.

Our news station, KTLA 5, has a live report from near the scene with the latest information. Good morning, Carlos. Good morning.

As you can see behind me, the fire is still burning. It has been going on since 1:00 AM.

The partial roof collapse is evident, with chunks of debris falling from the rooftop. The ground operation involves about 72 firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority. They are using other engines with 100 foot ladders to reach the rooftop. Some water is being sprayed from the ground, but they are also utilizing helicopters.

The Orange County Fire Authority explains that helicopters are typically used for wildfires, but in this case, they are being used as part of the fire operation. The helicopters can drop about 3,000 gallons of water on the roof at a time.

However, the firefighters are facing significant challenges, such as the roof collapse and the limited water supply on the base. They are focused on a defensive strategy, positioning themselves outside the structure to place their units in the best spots to access water. They are not directly in the line of fire to ensure their safety. The lack of water supply on the base has been an obstacle, but the fire crews have accessed water from a hydrant on the street and have implemented a relay operation involving multiple fire engines to maintain water flow.

Photos of the historic base show its significance, as it has been around since World War 2. For those who have grown up in this area, fighting a fire at such a well-known place can be emotional and impactful..

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