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Marquette University’s Provost, Dr.

Kimo Ah Yun, is facing a loyalty test during this year’s NCAA Tournament.


Ah Yun has ties to several schools playing in the East bracket: he did his Master’s at Kansas State, his PhD at Michigan State University, and his daughter is currently a student at the University of Southern California.

If Marquette wins, they could play against Kansas State, creating a conundrum for Dr.

Ah Yun.

However, when asked to fill out a bracket, Dr.

Ah Yun declared his loyalty to Marquette.

He predicts that Marquette will win against Michigan State, and also predicts a win against Kansas State if they play.


Ah Yun’s all-important allegiance lies with his employer, Marquette University.

Marquette fans are ecstatic to hear this news and are cheering their team on to victory.

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