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Widespread Protests Expected as Marine Veteran Who Put Jordan Neely in a Chokehold Faces Arrest

Ten days after the tragic death of Jordan Neely, a video capturing the incident, the Marine veteran responsible for putting Neely in a fatal chokehold is expected to surrender to authorities today.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office announced that Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old former Marine, will be arrested on a charge of manslaughter in the second degree.

The disturbing video footage has ignited protests throughout the city.

In the video, Daniel Penny can be seen placing a homeless man, Jordan Neely, in a chokehold.

Neely had been shouting at passengers, expressing his hunger and desire to die when Penny intervened.

According to Penny’s lawyers, he and others on the train felt aggressively threatened by Neely’s behavior.

Penny’s legal representation issued a statement overnight, claiming that Penny had risked his own life and the safety of fellow passengers.

They assert that once the facts are examined, Penny will be fully absolved of any wrongdoing.

Following the incident, Penny was initially questioned by the police but was subsequently released, sparking outrage and leading to further protests across the city.

While some individuals have labeled Penny’s actions as vigilantism, others point to the underlying issues of homelessness and mental illness prevalent in New York City.

Advocates for mental health emphasize the need for greater support and resources to aid individuals struggling with serious mental illnesses, like Neely, who had been coping with mental health issues since his mother’s murder in 2007.

Critics argue that simply hospitalizing individuals without a comprehensive plan for their ongoing care fails to address the root causes effectively.

They stress the importance of establishing a continuum of care to ensure that individuals are not released from hospitals without adequate support.

The anticipated arrest of Daniel Penny is expected to alleviate tensions in the conflicted city.

Efforts are being made to convene a summit aimed at improving outcomes for people with serious mental illnesses.

The objective is to develop an action plan that addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by individuals struggling with mental health issues in New York City and beyond.

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