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The Marine Corps Trials have come to a close after a two-week event that was more than just athletic competitions.

According to ABC 10News reporter Ciara Encinas, the trials provided wounded warriors with an opportunity to heal.

The event was organized by the Wounded Warrior Battalion, which helps service members recover from injuries and get back to their military duties or transition to civilian life.

First Lieutenant Christina Valentine, a recovering service member, took part in the trials.

She suffers from bulimia, major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Valentine says participating in the trials helps her get out of bed in the morning and is now a meditative skill that involves breathing and focusing on nothing but the release.

Valentine is hopeful about her future and plans to attend the Harvard Medical School dual MD PhD Neuroscience program.

She wants to become a neuroscientist and a medical doctor in neurosurgery.

She encourages other Marines who may be struggling with mental health issues to take the first step towards recovery.

Valentine hopes that other wounded warriors know that the Battalion exists and that seeking help is not selfish.

The Marine Corps Trials provide a way for these servicemen and women to heal, both physically and mentally.

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