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Manoj Dey’s recent marriage to Jyoti Shree Mahato has caused turmoil within his family.

Despite the joy of getting married, Manoj’s family members are not happy with his choice of spouse.

Manoj has shared on his social media channels, including his comedy channel, that he and Jyoti got married recently.

In a recent video, he also mentioned that his parents were not present for the wedding and that he had to go to Kolkata for the ceremony.

Manoj expressed mixed feelings about the situation, as he was happy to be getting married but also saddened that his parents were not there to share in his joy.

The news of Manoj’s marriage has been circulating on social media, and many people have been commenting on the situation.

Some have praised Manoj for following his heart, while others have criticized him for not considering his parents’ wishes.

What do you think? Should Manoj have prioritized his parents’ feelings over his own desire to get married? Let us know in the comments section.

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