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Police release chilling surveillance footage of Tennessee school shooting that claimed six lives, including three children. Senate Staffer Stabbed in Vicious Random Attack in DC Neighborhood

A man is suing the Wauwatosa police over a 2018 traffic stop in Milwaukee.

Akil Carter, a Black man, was riding in a car with his white grandmother and her friend when they were pulled over by an officer who claimed that he saw an armed robbery in the blue Lexus.

Carter was ordered out of the car and handcuffed, while the officers drew their weapons and put him in the back of a squad car.

The man claims that his civil rights were violated and that he suffered emotional trauma as a result of the incident.

The trial is currently playing out in federal court, with the defense arguing that the officers needed to investigate a potential armed robbery, while the plaintiff’s attorney argues that the officers made an unreasonable traffic stop without any proof of a crime.

The seven jurors, who are all white, will hear more testimony before deciding the case.

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