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Man Thanks Nurses Who Saved His Life in Grocery Store After Cardiac Arrest

Frank Ferrara, a grateful man from Delaware, had the opportunity to personally express his gratitude to the nurses who saved his life when he suffered a cardiac arrest at a local ACME grocery store.

Two quick-thinking shoppers, who happened to be nurses, performed CPR on Ferrara until paramedics arrived.

The heartwarming reunion was shared by Emilie Ikeda of NBC News’ “Inspiring America” during Nurses Week.

Frank had been eagerly awaiting this moment for months.

Overwhelmed with emotion, he embraced the Good Samaritans who had literally brought him back to life.

“You were here.

You were right here,” Frank exclaimed, deeply moved by their heroic actions.

The incident took place in January when Frank stopped by the ACME store to purchase a case of water.

However, as he approached the checkout counter, he suddenly experienced a cardiac arrest.

Sara, a fellow shopper and a cardiac nurse, recognized the signs of distress and immediately sprang into action.

Determined to help, she performed CPR on Frank until paramedics and another nurse, who happened to have a rare day off and was at the store for a single item, arrived.

“There were too many things that happened to bring us all together at that one point in time,” Frank acknowledged, emphasizing the remarkable circumstances that led to his survival.

Initially nameless and uncertain whether he would ever have the chance to express his gratitude, Frank now stood before the nurses who saved his life.

He struggled to find the right words to convey his appreciation.

“How do you say thank you for something like that? There’s no words.

All I can do is show it with my actions moving forward,” he expressed.

Since the incident, Frank has celebrated his 70th birthday, feeling inspired to pursue his passion for music once again.

As he embraces this second chance at life, he remains forever grateful to the nurses who were there for him during his time of need.

Their selfless actions serve as a powerful reminder of the extraordinary impact healthcare professionals can have on individuals and communities alike.

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