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Man Found Guilty on Multiple Charges in Waukesha Sexual Assault Case

A jury in Waukesha County has delivered its verdict in the trial of Khalil Perry, who was accused of sexually assaulting an elderly woman in her 80s.

After hours of deliberation on Friday, May 5, Perry has been found guilty on three counts, including armed robbery, armed carjacking, and kidnapping.

However, the jury declared a mistrial on the fourth charge of sexual assault.

During the trial, the jury carefully reviewed transcripts, medical records, and surveillance footage before reaching their decisions.

Despite finding Perry guilty on several charges, they were unable to reach a unanimous decision on the sexual assault charge.

As a result, the judge announced a mistrial for that specific count.

Jennifer Doro, the lead prosecutor, explained that the victim sought finality in the case and expressed understanding regarding the mistrial on the sexual assault charge.

She acknowledged that all four charges carried significant weight and exposure.

Throughout the four-day trial, the defense chose not to present any witnesses.

Instead, they focused on raising doubts about the prosecution’s case during their closing arguments.

In one of the arguments, they highlighted recordings of the victim’s statements, attempting to challenge the consistency of her testimony.

The defense maintained that Perry denied sexually assaulting the woman and believed his version of events.

The case involved Perry, who was 14 years old at the time, holding an 87-year-old woman at knifepoint in a library parking lot.

He allegedly kidnapped her, stole her car, robbed her, and later sexually assaulted her.

The victim, now an 88-year-old great grandmother, testified during the trial, recalling the traumatic events.

The sentencing for Khalil Perry has been scheduled for June 30th.

It is important to note that Perry is a relative of Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson.

The community will now await the sentencing phase, seeking justice for the victim in this disturbing sexual assault case.

Note: The above article is fictional and created using the provided information.

It does not reflect real events or news.

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